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Speed or Good Service? Your Customers Shouldn't Have to Choose Just One

Posted by Stacey Papp

We live in a pretty exciting world. By pressing a few buttons on a smartphone or computer, we can have almost anything – groceries, home items, books, DVDs, restaurant food, liquor, taxis – delivered to us whenever we want, within time frames convenient for us. Services like Amazon Prime Now even let us order goods on demand that don’t require waiting for something to be shipped – it shows up within a couple hours. Technology has eliminated the need to walk uphill both ways for anything, or even walk anywhere at all. 

With all this convenience can come a price, however, and sometimes that price is choosing between speed and good service. Think about it: Would you rather have your lunch order arrive at the speed of light, but missing some items or made incorrectly – or receive a perfectly made, delicious meal that took so long to show up that you were ready to start chewing on your hand?

The lunch order example is just an analogy, but one that business owners should remember when managing a company. Your customers should not have to choose between having your field technicians show up exactly on time, but missing critical information about the work order, or having techs show up completely informed and ready to do a bang-up job – but half an hour late.

As clichéd as it sounds, your business should run like a well-oiled machine, and by taking advantage of organizational and management tools, you can help ensure that your customers are getting their requests fulfilled correctly and on time, every time, without worrying that you are sacrificing speed for service or vice versa.

You should have a way to keep all job orders and customer information, including past job orders and personal preferences, in one digital repository. Using a digital organizational and scheduling system, such as Fleetmatics' work order software, means you shouldn’t have to dig through file cabinets or riffle through a stack of papers while on the phone with your crew to get them crucial info about job orders. Instead, you can schedule your staff with the click of a button and send along all pertinent information via a digital system, which will pop up on their mobile device or tablet

A digital system can give better visibility not just into the job orders and customer information, but also into the physical locations of your drivers, which can be especially helpful for emergency orders. You can see at a glance where all drivers are and dispatch the closest driver, not someone on the other side of town who is stuck in a traffic jam, saving your customer worry and frustration. 

No business is perfect. We’ve all had our lunch orders arrive wrong or late – or even worse, both! – But with Fleetmatics' work order software, you can take steps  to give your customers the best and fastest service with each job order – instead of making them choose between quality and timeliness.

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"For inside scoop on customer service, check out the customer service section of our blog! "