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The Grass is Always Greener: 4 Ways to Make Dispatching Landscaping Crews Even Easier

Posted by Stacey Papp

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if someone decided to make a reality show out of your life? For most of us - you know, those of us who aren’t Real Housewives or America’s Next Top Model – people would probably be pretty bored if they had to watch us go about our daily activities. But sometimes even ordinary life can get so crazy that you almost wish someone had a camera on you, just so other people can see what it’s like. 

Multitasking is a fact of life for a landscaping business dispatcher, who would be the juggler if the company was a circus. Every day presents new challenges to overcome, and in many parts of the country, spring is the busiest season – meaning the phone never stops ringing with new orders for mulching, sodding, planting, you name it.

Fortunately, Fleetmatics can help.  There are ways a dispatcher can make dispatch management easier for himself or herself year-round as well as during busy seasons. Check out 4 of them below:

1. Be the all-seeing eye.

To properly handle incoming jobs – especially last-minute ones – a dispatcher needs to know which landscaping crews are out in the field and what equipment is with them, as well as who has time to squeeze in another stop. Being able to see all this on one dashboard can save plenty of frustration – think of all the times dispatchers have wondered, “Where the heck are Tom and his guys?” when trying to find a crew for an 11th-hour job.

2. Stay organized. A dispatcher needs access to a ton of info – customer records, job orders, schedules, vehicle locations – like, yesterday, and frantically paging through sheaves of paper files while Customer A is on line one and Customer B is holding on two is no way to keep things moving along. A way to digitally access current and past records and job orders, giving access to information with the click of a few buttons.

3. Keep your info close. Using a digital system to fill out and file job orders, invoices, reports and timesheets means they’re all in one place and easy to access and update. A digital system can also show when jobs start and end, and what tasks were performed, helping to handle customer disputes, reduce inaccurate invoices, and speed up the time from invoice creation to payment.

4. Keep ‘em coming back. When a dispatcher is able to do her job with pride and proficiency, the customers will hear it in her voice, and see it in the way the job order is handled. As the gatekeeper to the landscaping business, a dispatcher’s attitude and efficiency can have a big impact on the overall level of customer service, and any tools that make it easier to swiftly dispatch crews and send accurate invoices make for happier dispatchers – and happier customers.

Save the drama for reality TV by working smarter, not harder – and getting more done in less time might even mean you’ll be able to sneak out a little early on sunny spring days and enjoy the weather yourself.

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And while you're surfing through channels, check out our blog.