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Don't Be a Pest...In the Office

Posted by Stacey Papp

Running a small business isn’t without challenges or worries that keep you up at night. Of all the things to think about, keeping your office pest free shouldn’t be one of them. Take a minute and ponder on this…have you ever noticed a random can of soda sitting in a sticky, gooey ring of liquid on the counter? Does your local service delivery driver track through the dirt but fail to wipe his feet before entering the shop? Better yet – have you noticed any cracks or holes in the outside exterior of your building? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you’re setting yourself up for quite the pesky critter problem.

No matter what name you call them by – cockroach, squirrel, mosquito, raccoon, ant, skunk or wasp (to name a few) – pests are always unwelcomed guests…or should we say nuisance? With the Spring season on our doorsteps, creepy critters of all kinds emerge from their cold weather hiding places and remind us that, while winter is over, the battle to rid them from our lives has just begun.

In honor of Pest Management Month that has been celebrated by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) for nearly 40 years, check out a few sure-fire tips to keep your business free of the vermin and insects that make your skin crawl!

In the Office
•Repair any leaky, dripping pipes or faucets – bugs LOVE moisture and will stop at nothing to find a water source to swim in.
•Vacuum carpets and sweep floors regularly – be sure to hit the low traffic areas (i.e. closets) as this is where dust and dirt tends to build up most.
•Clean microwaves and refrigerators weekly to prevent food from spilling or even expiring from prolonged storage.
•Double check that any food stored in your office is in a tightly sealed container with a moisture-lock barrier.
•Communicate your cleanliness policy with employees – while you can’t prevent people from eating at their desks, you can encourage them to clean up their crumbs!

Outside the Shop
•Walk around the perimeter of your office and identify any openings or cracks that can serve as pest entry points – use a silicone-based caulk to fill any open gaps.
•Trim tree limbs and bushes to keep branches from touching the exterior of the building – ants and small crawling insects will use this as a way in!
•Make sure any trash cans that are kept outside have lids – open garbage containers are a playground for vermin like raccoons, opossums and skunks.
•Try to limit the amount of standing water around your business – fill any potholes in your driveway or parking lot immediately as this attracts pesky mosquitos.
•Don’t be afraid to bring out the welcome mat – having a place for visitors and employees to wipe their feet will keep bugs (and dirt) from making its way into your office.

If you still find these multi-legged crawlers overstaying their welcome in your place of business, call a local pest management company to be the next stop on the list. Check out our infographic to see if your state is the ‘pest-iest’ and how productive Fleetmatics customers are when it comes to taking care of those annoying invaders once and for all. 

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Check out our infographic to see if your state is the 'pest-iest'!