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This September, Celebrate Tradesmen

Posted by Stacey Papp

Have you noticed that there are suddenly an awful lot of strange holidays? Here are just some – not even all – of the weird ones from August, for example:

  • Aug. 1: National Raspberry Cream Pie Day
  • Aug. 2: National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  • Aug. 5: National Underwear Day
  • Aug. 6: National Mustard Day 
  • Aug. 8: Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day 
  • Aug. 17: National Thrift Shop Day
  • Aug. 18: Bad Poetry Day
  • Aug. 19: National Potato Day
  • Aug. 28: Race Your Mouse Day 
  • Aug. 30: Frankenstein Day

Race a mouse? Leave zucchini on a neighbor’s porch? Things are really getting out of hand. We personally enjoyed celebrating National Banana Lover’s Day (Aug. 27) with some banana pudding, so we’re not judging, but it does seem like the very idea of what a holiday is supposed to be has sort of gotten lost in the shuffle of this sudden plethora of things to celebrate.

We think a holiday should be a special occasion to celebrate or honor a person, people or event that really deserves a day of commemoration – and while potatoes are definitely an important food, and ice cream sandwiches are delicious, it seems a bit silly to have a day to “celebrate” them. Of course, these “celebrations” usually just entail someone jokily posting on their Facebook about it – fortunately, we do still place a higher value on the holidays like Veteran’s Day and have more significant ways to honor veterans.

However, this September, there is a recently invented holiday coming up that we at Fleetmatics personally think is a pretty important one – and while it might not generate too much buzz outside a certain sector, it’s still meaningful to those involved: Each year on the third Friday in September, National Tradesmen Day honors the men and women who work with their hands to build our country and keep it running every day. 

Initiated by Irwin Tools, this year’s NTD falls on Friday, Sept. 16. It’s billed as a way to say thanks to the people who do jobs that some of us couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to handle – and a lot of them involve the field techs and drivers of fleet businesses. 

From killing bugs to cleaning chimneys to sitting in traffic all day as a courier, from raking leaves to unclogging toilets to building just about anything – and this job list isn’t even all-encompassing – fleet  businesses rely on their tradesmen to keep the business chugging. And of course, the country relies on fleet businesses.

These guys and gals deserve everyone’s respect, and we firmly believe that while it’s great that they get a day in September to be honored, fleet business managers and supervisors should make it a point to show appreciation for these worthy employees all year round, in ways meaningful and specific to the business. Whether that’s dropping off coffee on a cold winter day to the people working outside, or treating them to lunch on Sept. 16, or even just stopping to ask how their day is going on a random Wednesday in April, remember that the field techs and drivers help power the business – and that really is something worth celebrating.

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