Productivity Efficiency Tips

Productivity Tips, Simplified

Posted by Stacey Papp

Too much work and not enough time? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and usually hate every minute of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and teetering on the end of burnout. Have no fear, we’ve simplified productivity down to its nuts and bolts and given you a few tips you can start using today to make you sigh with relief rather than shudder with dread!

Switch to airplane mode
While we don’t recommend you do this full time, switching mobile devices to airplane mode or utilizing the do not disturb function can be extremely beneficial in the productivity department. Eliminating the ‘ding’ or ‘buzz’ of incoming emails, texts or news alerts significantly cuts down on distractions and helps you to focus on the task at hand. Take a look at your schedule at the beginning of week and choose a day, half-day or even a few hours to cut yourself off from disruptions. That means no texting, emailing, calling or cruising around social media!

Just do it!
While this may ruffle some feathers, we have to say it...getting something is done can be better than getting it done perfectly. While we should all strive to do the best work we can, it’s fair to say that with enough time, a lot of work could be improved. But that’s exactly it – we don’t always have the time.

There comes a point during a task when you should weigh how much time you are spending versus the time it should take. If you’ve just spent two hours changing the color palette in your company’s PowerPoint template, when it should only take 30 minutes tops, you may need to move on to more important tasks worthy of your full attention. 

Sleep is king!
Not on the job (or behind the wheel), of course! Our quality of sleep has an enormous impact on productivity levels. In fact, lack of sleep have been shown to have the same impact on cognitive function just like being over the legal blood alcohol consumption level – impairing memory function, blurring judgement and increasing stress levels. So when you go to bed tonight, actually go to bed. Turn off the iPad, put the book down and catch some zzzz’s.

Place a (temporary) ban on meetings.
Well, only for one day a week. Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz introduced “No Meeting Wednesdays” to his startup company, Asana, and calls it “an invaluable tool” when it comes to productivity. 

Imposing a company-wide “no meeting” rule on meetings one day a week helps to make sure that everybody from managers and directors to customer service and sales reps have at least one day on the calendar that is entirely free from scheduled commitments.

Save the best for last.
We’ve saved the easiest for last. Sit down, write down your list of tasks for the day or week and prioritize them in order of importance putting the ones you want to do least on the top of the pile. Then simply buckle down and get them done. Doing your least favorite task first cuts down on procrastination and helps to alleviate stress at the end of the day as the only task left to do is the one you consider easy and enjoyable.

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