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Coaching the Average into Extraordinary

Posted by Stacey Papp

As a business owner, your team is probably different in many ways and managing can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time. One question you may have never thought about is: “what do my high performers think about their teammates who do not pull their weight?”  Your rock stars are vitally important to your business and you want to keep them happy and motivated to give you their best every day.  

High achievers are usually winners and like to be on winning teams. They expect the head coach (that’s you) to hold everyone to working towards the highest standards possible for your business. How do you do this effectively?  Here’s a few tips:

Setting expectations is crucial. Being clear in what you expect is the foundation of holding people accountable.  

Measure what you expect. Find ways to measure all aspects of your workers’ goals. Data and real-time information can help you do this and using indisputable facts and data helps you remain objective and fair.

Hold them accountable.
If your expectations are not being met through the measurement of these objectives, make sure you are discussing this and recommending actions to get those falling behind in line with expectations.  

Take action. When team members continue to miss the mark, take more serious action so that they get back on board. It is tough to do, but ultimately the right thing for your business. 

In addition, your high achievers will see that while they are being asked to measure up, so are the others on the team. This should lead to a boost in overall productivity and happier employees. 

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About the Author: Laura Tasker is the Lead HR Business Partner at Fleetmatics and works alongside employees and managers to create a positive and winning work environment.  She has a background in Human Resources Management and Management Training and Development. 

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