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Improving Productivity and Efficiency with Workforce Management Software

Posted by Stacey Papp

The 1990s called – they want their whiteboard back. It’s time to rip that glaring eyesore off your wall and step into the 21st century. Oh, you’re hanging papers and messages on it? What happens when those get erased, or lost, or blow out the window? It’s time to get in the digital age. It’s time to learn how to easily schedule, dispatch, and more with workforce management software.

The biggest problem with keeping your schedule on the whiteboard at the office is it stays in one place – at the office. With workforce management solutions such as Fleetmatics WORK, your employees’ schedules are now stored in the cloud so that they can be viewed and updated from anywhere – at home, the office, even the beach. Fleetmatics WORK makes it easy to schedule jobs with easy-to-use software, so you can quickly find that open appointment time. 

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With Fleetmatics WORK, you can send new job requests directly to your workers in the field and receive instant feedback on whether they accept, all without them having to return to the office to look at the white board. Once you’ve scheduled new jobs for your employees, you can update your customers on more specific service times. Customers don’t like to be kept in the dark, after all.

By maintaining an accurate schedule, your customers will be happy and feel like you value their time and expectations. Don’t get behind because your technician returned before completing all the tasks for the job-- with mobile updates, you can keep them on track. Plus, you can keep your employees up to date on any schedule changes or new events at the touch of a button. 

Send notifications, calendar updates, and even directions to the job, right to your field workers using an iPhone or Android, or with email or text messaging. Workforce management software helps with more than just scheduling and dispatching. With all your customer information in the cloud, information that is updated at the office can be seen in the field as soon as it’s available. 

With field service management, not only are your field workers arriving on time, but they also have up to date customer details and job requests. Keep everything about the job, including pictures, details, quotes, and invoices all in the app –  no more phone tag trying to give your customers updated information. Customers can be confident that your employees will arrive to the job site with all the details and information necessary.

With workforce management software like Fleetmatics WORK, being able to easily schedule and dispatch jobs has cascading positive effects throughout your business. From easy-to-use scheduling software, to notifications, to real-time job details when in the field, your employees will be able to run more efficiently and grow your business. Can your whiteboard do that?

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Erase that whiteboard and learn more about how Fleetmatics WORK can help your business run smoother.