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You're a Small Business - Where Do You Go For Help?

Posted by Stacey Papp

According to the U.S. Small Business Administrationover 28 million small businesses exist in the U.S. today, totaling about 96% of U.S. employers. That’s a lot of small business owner/operators that come to the table with unique sets of worries, questions, and suggestions on how to make their businesses run at peak performance. 

In a recent study done by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, 21% of small business owners say that taxes are one of the most important challenges they face today; 20% reference government regulations as a large area of concern; and 14% say quality of labor and poor sales keeps them up at night. With all of these burning questions and concerns popping in and out of the minds that manage and run a small business, where do they go to get answers? Check out these resources that can help business owners seek the knowledge they need to make the decisions that matter.

U.S. Small Business Administration (“SBA”)

This is a must-visit for anyone interested in starting their own business, or for those who are currently managing or running a small business. Visitors have easy access to a wide variety of topics that cover everything from business plans and marketing strategies; revenue growth; using technology to stay competitive; insurance information; and strategies to positively impact other areas of your business such as Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing. They also offer free courses on subjects, such as, understanding your customer, legal requirements for small businesses, and introductions to pricing and strategic planning strategies. 

This free online resource, which is supported by the SBA, assists small businesses in getting off the ground, setting them up for growth, and helping them achieve their business goals through mentorship and educational forums. Throughout the site, they provide quick access to free business tools; tips and advice; as well as every-day templates small business owners may use today or need to use in the future. A schedule of local workshops and 24/7 webinars are also available so the learning doesn’t stop when the clock does. Through their mentoring platform, they offer free services that connect small business owners with a volunteer business mentor for coaching and advice sessions. 

National Federation of Independent Businesses (“NFIB”)
Focused on helping small businesses grow, NFIB provides tools to help small business learn and operate in the industry they live in. They also provide coverage on state issues that businesses may be interested in learning about, as well as covering national issues and grassroots initiatives that impact local businesses. In addition to providing information on taxes, government regulations, healthcare and economic factors, the website comes equipped with a resource library that provides digital learning and current event trends to help keep businesses in-the-know. 

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To learn how Fleetmatics impacts small businesses across the world, visit our Resource Center.