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The 5 Best Things to Do Once You Have a GPS Tracking Solution

Posted by Stacey Papp

When you’re running or managing a business, days can blur together thanks to your never-ending list of ‘to-do’ items. And there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish them all. Due to your mounting priorities and responsibilities, it is often the customer-focused tasks that take precedence leaving scheduling/billing/timesheets/insert administrative task here that falls by the wayside keeping you at the office longer than necessary.

The good news – life doesn’t have to work that way. You can increase business performance and optimize time management at work by implementing a fleet tracking solution can help you see substantial time savings by automating many of your administrative tasks and processes. Add on top of that the ability to give you fast and easy access to your fleet and customer information and you are one happy camper. 

So what do you do with all your newfound free time? Check out these five suggestions…

1.  Check out the competition.
When your day is filled with tasks associated with running a business, it’s easy to get into ‘head down’ mode and focus only on your little corner of the world. It’s even easier to forget to keep an eye on your competitors to see what they are up to. In a nutshell, you’ve got 99 problems and the competition isn’t one. Well, consider that your 100th problem especially when the competition starts attracting YOUR customers to THEIR business. 

It’s absolutely crucial to your business to know what is going on with those you consider your top competitors…what are they getting right? What areas of their business could use some help? You can learn a lot from just those two simple questions – imagine what you could learn when you had the time to dedicate to finding out the scoop on your fellow business-goers. When you’re constantly spending time scrambling to get your fleet of vehicles under control, your competitors can sneak up on you. That’s not a sneak attack anyone wants especially if it affects your bottom line. 

2. Get social.

Scheduling jobs. Dispatching the right tech with the right skill set to the right place. Fielding customer service calls. Keeping the lights on. Phew…talk about an exhaustive ‘to-do’ list. The subject of social media likely has a slim to none chance of making it on that list. 

Because we live in the era of everything digital, having a social media presence is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. With the extra time a GPS vehicle tracking solution will give you, head over to your computer and spend an hour or so creating pages on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Upload your spiffy logo, post some pics of your employees being the rock-stars you know they are and get to socializing. The more you build your audience and engage with them, the more fans and followers you will attract and that means…wait for it…more business!

3. Check in with your customers.

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is key if you want your business to grow. While it likely fills the slot above social media on your ‘to-do’ list, it’s extremely important even if it is a little time consuming. “What for?” you may ask. “If my customers were unhappy or needed something, they’d let me know, right”? Wrong.

With a couple of free moments in your day thanks to your handy dandy fleet management solution, you can start to give your customers the attention they deserve. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to reach out to them. Carve out some time one afternoon to check in on a few of your customers via phone. Or send them an email letting them know you’re thinking of them and include a coupon or discount for their next scheduled service. They’ll appreciate the effort and you’ll reap the benefits in the form of happy, loyal customers.

4. Recruit some new talent.
Your current employees and drivers are amazing. They’ve helped your business reach new heights and keep your customers happy while delivering top-notch customer service. Knowing this, recruiting new talent isn’t the first thing you think about in the morning while pouring your coffee. But in order to keep your business in growth mode, you need to think about the future and what types of new talent you could use. Take a minute to identify the areas of your business that could a fresh new set of eyes. Now get out there and find those individuals that fit the bill. Adding talent to your already talented team is never a bad idea!

5. Enjoy a well-earned rest!
The phrase “I’m leaving early today” may not be something that’s come out of your mouth in a very long time. With a GPS vehicle tracking solution in place, you may have the pleasure of introducing it into your vocabulary again. All those admin tasks that are keeping you from heading out ahead of schedule, hitting the park with your kids or picking up dinner to take home can be taken care of because your GPS vehicle tracking solution has kindly done them all for you. 

Learn how Fleetmatics’ GPS vehicle tracking solution can help you get some desperately needed time back in your day!

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Learn how Fleetmatics’ GPS vehicle tracking solution can help you get some desperately needed time back in your day!