Love It and List It: 4 Tips for Successful Job Creation

Posted by Stacey Papp

You know what we really, really love?


Stay with us now: yes, that is an incredibly dorky answer, but show us someone who has never clicked through an Internet slideshow titled something like “25 Pictures of Celebrities with No Makeup” or “15 Pictures of Dogs Stuck in Things,” and we’ll show you someone who’s never really lived.

Lists aren’t just for funny pictures, of course – they also help your work and personal life to be more organized and less of a disaster. It’s actually really helpful to make to-do lists each work day – it takes some of the guesswork out of things, and making a step-by-step list of instructions lets you follow a formula (even though, of course, not everything fits into a perfect box) and check things off as you do them.

And with that, we present a list that we hope you’ll be able to use daily: the 4 tips for successful job creation.

1 – Who are they and what do they need? You have to first understand who is calling to place the order. This is about more than just getting the name of the person on the other line – it’s also about understanding the type of organization or person (business, non-profit, individual, etc.) that is calling, and what their needs might be specific to who they are. 

Next, you need to understand the job. It’s important to listen carefully and ask targeted questions to understand exactly what the caller is asking for – otherwise you might accidentally send a tech who is not experienced in that area or who is not knowledgeable enough to handle the assignment. 

2 – Ask when they want the service.
If this is an emergency situation – a broken hot water heater in the dead of winter or an overflowing toilet –  that will need to be taken into account when you’re scheduling. If it’s less time sensitive, you’ll have more flexibility in who you send and when.

3 – Write it all down. Have you ever met someone new who told you their name, and then the second they walked away, you realized you couldn’t remember if it was Brad or Chad? Don’t rely on your own overtaxed brain to remember every single detail of all the jobs you schedule – have a place to put all the notes, preferably somewhere that can be accessed by both you and a driver.

4 – Figure out the best person to send.
There are a couple of components to this. First, you want to schedule a driver who is a) available, b) experienced in the job order details, and c) not too far away. You probably are pretty familiar with the techs and their knowledge and experience levels, but other two factors are a little harder – how do you know whether someone isn’t already working on another job, or – for an emergency job – if he is closer than someone else might be?

Field service management software can play into all four of these steps. If a former customer calls, you’ll be able to instantly pull up their digital files and any notes – without having to put them on hold and rummage through file cabinets – and this will help you better serve them. By adding additional notes about the current job order in the system, you’ll know that all the appropriate info is in one place, not in various Post-Its on your desk – and the field tech will have the same access to the info via mobile app, helping him to be more informed about the job order.

For scheduling purposes – especially for emergency scheduling – you’ll be able to digitally see where all the drivers are and who’s closest. The digitized schedule lets you see that even though a field tech might be physically closest to the job, he’s scheduled for a different work order until a certain time and isn’t actually the best person to send on an emergency order.  

The business is able to serve customers better and get more jobs done in the day through increased visibility – and your life will be that much easier when creating and scheduling jobs.

These four steps can help you create and schedule jobs based on just the right info, making you more efficient – and while it might not be as fun as “20 Pictures of Annoyed Cats,” we’re pretty sure it will be a little more helpful. 

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