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How Customer Data Can Change Your Business for the Better

Posted by Stacey Papp

Customers are the bread and butter of most small businesses. And if you’re part of the lucky group that has so many customers that you can’t keep up, then you understand the notion of not knowing what to do with all the data you collect from your customers on a fairly regular basis. 

Building and maintaining a database of customer data

is only the first step in harnessing the power of this valuable information. To really use the data to your advantage, ask yourself a few questions: Do I really know how much value my customer data is adding to my business? Does my staff have the right access to this information? Is past and present customer data truly helping improve service for my overall customer base? With just a few tips from Fleetmatics, you can answer these questions with ease. Check them out!

1.Understand if your data is adding value

The first step in improving the value of your data is to make sure it is of high quality. How? Always been on the lookout for inactive, out-of-date or duplicate entries in your customer management system. Take the opportunity to confirm current details with your customers each time you talk to them – think mailing address vs. billing address, phone numbers (these can change often) and email address. Low-quality data can result in higher costs. A great example of this is that gorgeous mailer you send out in the mail only to get back several “undeliverables” because you didn’t have the right address on file. 

2.Make your data accessible – to the right people

A large mountain of data is great but if it is taking your staff a day short of forever to sift through it for the information they need, it starts to become worth less. Make sure your data is broken down and filtered by the specific information that your staff actually needs to be successful at their jobs.

3.Determine if your data is improving the customer experience

Maintaining accurate customer records on items such as previous services, past items purchased and customer service inquiries can help you make personal recommendations for your customers – and nothing says credibility like recommending products or services that will help your customers save time, money and a headache or two. You can also use this information to equip your staff with ways to help cross-sell to make your customers – and bottom line – happy. 

The more you know about your customers – and the ease with which that data can be understood and used – the higher the level of service you can provide.

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For more tips on how to enhance your customer’s experience with your business, check out our blogs on customer service!