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Small Business Connectivity - Networking Tips From Your Fleet (Yes, We're Serious)

Posted by Stacey Papp

Being a small business owner/operator is a position that wears many hats. No doubt a million thoughts cross your mind on a daily basis about everything from how to grow your business to creating more sales to keeping your staff happy while making sure productivity stays on the rise. So what about networking? You are probably thinking this is just another item to add to your ‘to-do’ list, right? Wrong. Instead of taking it on yourself, take a few queues from your vehicles. Yes, we know they don’t actually speak but if you really ‘listen’ closely, you will find out they are one of your best teachers and advocates. 

Get out there – As your trusted mode of transportation and your biggest fan (yes, this is your vehicle talking) I don’t mind being parked in a nice, warm garage. BUT the more you get me out there, the more I can help you advertise our business. Drive me to your son’s soccer game; even though I know you usually frown upon after-hours driving maybe you can make an exception this time? Take me to the grocery store or even park me in front of your house or the business. Networking may look a bit different than it did 20 years ago but the premise is the same – the more exposure, the better. Take me for a wash, get a coat of wax on me and let me help you shine. 

Knowledge is power – Sure, you think you know everything about how to run our business but what about new tips and tricks, software solutions, and new products or services? New innovations could get us out of the garage faster, keep us on the road for longer, and keep my friend, the driver, busy each day without compromising his safety or mine. I don’t mind driving from job A to B and all the way to Z, but if it’s doing the same thing every day with no increase in business or revenue, we may need to rethink our strategy.

Take it social – You just don’t have to drive me around all day to get the word out. I see you attached to your computer and that device you call a smartphone never leaves your side. Have you ever thought about taking our business social? I’ve heard my driver friend talking about this thing called Facebook and every now and again, Tweeter…or is it Twitter?!? Sometimes, that radio is just too loud to hear. Anyway, a few photos of your employees (ahem, that includes me, your trusty truck) and a nice description of the company could work wonders for growing our business. You can even use these sites to endorse the services we provide and maybe even a promotion or discount. 

Don’t be afraid to talk
– OK, I hate to say it but I know you can talk…and talk and talk and talk. I’ve even heard you talk to me rather loudly when my engine acts up (we’ll chat about maintenance in a different post) or even talk back to that morning radio talk show host. So instead of chattering to me, take that talk public. I’ve met your friends and family and they are proud of the business you run. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about it more. Heck, talk to your friends’ friends and your family’s family. There’s a lot of power in spreading the word especially about something you do so well and are successful at. The more business we get, the better. And maybe keep a few extra business cards on you – you never know when they may come in handy.

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