Good Leadership

What Makes a Good Leader?

Posted by Stacey Papp

As a business owner/operator, your role within the company changes like figures on a stock exchange ticker tape. For an up-to-the-minute update on your title, one has to simply ask what you’re working on. Sorting through spreadsheets to analyze the success of your latest service or product? You’re an analyst. Combing through time cards to make sure payroll hours are accurate? Accountant is your new middle name. Coaching your technicians on providing great customer service? You’re a customer advocate and walking brand representative. Above all of these (which are all equally important), you are a leader. In charge of leading your workplace empire each day, you are the trusted source your employees look to in good times and bad as well as their confidant, supporter, coach and mentor.

Let’s do a quick exercise together. Stop reading this blog (we’ll wait but you have to promise to come back) and take a quick office poll asking your staff who they think the greatest leader of all time is. OK, you’re back – now jot those names down on a piece of paper. Did you hear the same name 20 times or 20 different names? Actually, we’d be willing to bet you heard quite a few different names. People who serve as political figures, spiritual leaders, large-company CEO’s, non-profit founders, educators, start-up company innovators, athletes, musicians and actors likely made the list. What did this collection of names prove? That people have different views on what leadership is and more importantly, what leadership behaviors are important in the eyes of others.

So, what traits does a good leader possess? While the list is expansive and never-ending (that’s a good thing), check out this handy graphic that illustrates some of the common qualities leaders are equipped with.

Go ahead – print it out and tack it to your bulletin board or keep it in your pocket for some quick inspiration. Now it’s your turn! Follow us on Twitter and tell us what traits hit home for you and have made you even more successful than we know you are!

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Now it's your turn! Follow us on Twitter and tell us what traits hit home for you.