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Taking the 'Work' Out of Work Order Management

Posted by Jennifer Andrasik

If your organization is still handwriting or manually typing work orders, it could be leaving money on the table.

Between the speed, efficiency and organizational benefits of work order management tools like Fleetmatics WORK™, the days of operating without one is long gone as even the smallest businesses go digital. Ditch the paper invoices, the hours on the phone and the duplicate documents for faster services and lower operational costs.

1. Get Speedy: Generate work orders and invoice clients from for office or a mobile phone. The latest work order management software lets businesses create custom invoices on the fly, and because it’s digital, the system automatically keeps track of the billing while sending real-time notifications to customers. Suddenly everyone can be more productive.

2. Save Money: As the old adage goes, time is money. Saving time by eliminating manual work order management and mailing invoices lets the professionals tackle more jobs. That’s not to mention the time back-office workers save. With work orders cleaner and leaner, they can focus on additional business development tasks.

3. Stay Organized: Never lose a work order again, and eliminate the dreaded duplicate orders. Digital solutions automatically keep a database of invoices and jobs. Stay “goodbye” to paper filing cabinets and stacks of client bills, and say “hello” to searchable online catalogues and improved service levels.

4. Eliminate Errors: With digital work orders, employees and customers can receive real-time updates and stay in the know about potential job changes, updates or unique details. Moreover, the software maintains details like locations and even job history to ensure accuracy.

5. Work with Your Workers: Going digital also means putting new tools in your employees’ pockets. Work orders can suddenly provide driving directions, SMS/email notifications about the job and real-time confirmation when staff acknowledges new work orders. 

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