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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Posted by Phillip Ebersole

When you came into work this morning, you probably followed your daily routine. Pulled into your parking spot, dug around for your keys, flicked on the lights in the office, and set your lunch box down on your desk… 

OH NO! There are yesterday’s invoices, crashing onto the floor. You bend down to pick them up, and knock over your coffee over, soaking a pile of service notes and rendering your valuable information a dripping, unorganized mess. It's time for an upgrade, and Fleetmatics can help.

Searching for information in piles of paper looks bad and slows you down. Time is money; don’t let your small business lose out because you are stuck in the Paper Age. That was right after the Bronze Age, but before the Information Age, wasn’t it? It’s time to move your business forward and go digital.

Now let’s look at another scenario with business management software. You go through your morning routine then open Fleetmatics WORK™ – yesterday’s invoices were already created, mailed, and filed. The field notes are gone, entered into the system during the service calls and never having to touch your desk. And your phone messages – gone, typed directly into the appropriate customer accounts.

All those invoices? On your computer, where you can easily pull them up, print them out, or email them to customers. Instead of sitting in a pile waiting to be processed, you can mail them out weekly…or daily… which means you can get paid weekly… or daily.

Does your field agent need a new part? He doesn’t have to drive back to check stock (wasting service time and gas) – he can get the info he needs on his phone. Then you can have confidence in knowing the part was ordered yesterday and will be here in a week.

Stacks of paper don’t inspire confidence. What does? How about having all your client information in one place – which you, and your field workers, can access with a simple click? With business management software, you can have all that and more.

Get organized, go paperless. Learn more about Fleetmatics WORK today.

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