“Fleetmatics was the option that seemed the most appealing to us. Our No. 1 priority was being able to track our vehicles – where our vehicles are, how long they were parked at a particular place. That was important to us. The routing option has been help."

Thomas Bonderenko

“Your vehicles are like your blood – it’s almost like the lifeline of your organization, so you have to maintain your vehicles and make sure they’re properly operational. So on the maintenance side Fleetmatics helps us. On the operability side, it helps

“When I’m not in the field, I can pull up Fleetmatics on my phone or iPad and see where a driver is in real time. I don’t have to be sitting at my desk.”

“Fleetmatics just makes everything more intertwined and seamless. It unloads our customer service reps and dispatchers to do more data mining and more customer smoothing, rather than babysitting the techs every minute of their time.” ~ John Senycz, Servic