Our Fleet Data Services Offer Data Driven Insights

Commercial Fleet data services can provide actionable business intelligence and valuable insights for use cases beyond optimizing fleet performance. Vehicle and Driver behavior data can inform Big Data analytics related to logistics, supply chain, traffic, predictive traffic, insurance, emissions, urban planning and potentially many other data science objectives. Use fleet data services from Fleetmatics to leverage the data your company generates anyway.

Fleetmatics’ 4 V’s of Big Fleet Data Services: 

  • Volume: 1.5 Billion Data files/Month 
  • Velocity: Files update every :90 
  • Variety: SQL 
  • Veracity: GPS Ground Truth & Accelerometer Monitoring

Fleet Data Services Profile - Fleets

Fleetmatics fleet data services stand out with respect to the breadth of industries supported by their data offering, which includes over 600 service based SICs.

Fleetmatics has been building our telematics data base since October 2004. Markets in our fleet data services database include the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and the Netherlands.

Functional Fleet Data Services:

The functional vehicle data collected from the aggregate fleet include:

  • Engine on/off
  • Event time stamp
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Idle Status & Duration
  • Accelerometer events: Severe driving, excessive acceleration, cornering, braking

A Data Dictionary is available under Non-Disclosure Agreement, please Contact Us

Fleet Data Services Use Cases:

Fleetmatics’ Fleet Data Services is pursuing several new categories of potential use for our Commercial Fleet data and welcome the opportunity to discuss our data detail and potential uses for analytics, business intelligence, location intelligence and location based advertising.

  • Real-Time Traffic 
  • Historical/Predictive Traffic 
  • Commercial Insurance 
  • Economic Forecasting 
  • Emissions Calculations 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Real-time Logistics /Freight tracking

Fleet Data Services Formats:

  • .csv 
  • .xls 


  • FTP 
  • Web Services 

Sample Data:

Data samples for evaluation or proof of concept purposes are available on a custom basis upon request and under NDA. Please Contact Us: dataservices@fleetmatics.com