Fleetmatics Data Offer Driven Insights

Commercial Fleet data can provide actionable business intelligence and valuable insights for use-cases beyond optimizing fleet performance. Vehicle and driver behavior data can inform Big Date analytics related to logistics, supply chain, traffic, predictive traffic, insurance, emissions, urban planning and potentially many other data science objectives. Use Fleetmatics’ large collection of service fleet data to gain unique insights.

Anonymous and Aggregated

Fleetmatics adheres to a strict privacy policy providing only anonymous and aggregated data for Big Data analytics.

Fleetmatics’ 4 V’s of Big Fleet Data Services: 

  • Volume: 1.5 Billion Data files/Month 
  • Veracity: GPS Ground Truth & Accelerometer Monitoring
  • Velocity: Files update every :90 
  • Variety: SQL 

Fleet Data Services Profile

Fleetmatics data is unique for its broad industry coverage, providing fleet management to 600+ different industry sectors, by SIC, the historical duration and scale of the data. Our telematics data archive began with Fleetmatics’ Telematics initial offering in October 2004 in Ireland. From these humble beginnings, our geographic coverage has expanded to include fleet data from around the world.

Functional Fleet Data

The functional vehicle data collected from the aggregate fleet includes:

  • Engine on/off
  • Event time stamp
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Idle - Status & Duration
  • Accelerometer events: Severe Braking and Maneuvers
  • VIN detail

A complete Data Dictionary is available under Non-Disclosure Agreement. Contact Us

Fleet Data Use Cases:

Fleetmatics Data Services is pursuing several new categories of potential use for our Commercial Fleet data and welcome the opportunity to discuss our data detail for potential analytics use cases including:

  • Real-Time Traffic
  • Historical/Predictive Traffic 
  • Telematics Insurance (Underwriting & Claims)
  • Emissions reporting/management
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Real-time Logistics /Freight tracking
  • Vehicle Research
  • Fintech/Economic insights

FINTECH: Alternative Financial Data

Fleetmatics data, with scale over time or a full economic cycle, can provide a unique barometer of consumer behavior. As documented in our Fleetbeat II Report: The Economy in Motion, we have demonstrated the high correlation between retail service fleet activity and historical retail sales. Download the Report.

Data Formats:

  • .CSV 
  • .XLS 


  • FTP 
  • Web Services 

Sample Data:

Data sample for evaluation, or proof of concept purposes are available on a request basis. Please Contact Us