Stolen Vehicle Tracking Puts Bad Guys in Jail

The story of how Riccar Heating used Fleetmatics vehicle tracking to recover one of their stolen trucks

When Riccar Heating had a truck stolen over the weekend, Jeff Arent knew he had an ace up his sleeve: Fleetmatics GPS tracking could help him track the stolen vehicle.

Introducing Riccar Heating

Hi, Dino. This is Jeff from Riccar Heating in Minnesota. I don’t know if you remember me. We bought a system from you guys, about October/November – right around Halloween, and it’s been performing well for us, doing what it should.

The Break-In

And I just wanted to tell you that this weekend, somebody decided to break into our company and rip off some of the vans, tools, copper stuff. And decided to take one of our vans – stole one of our vans as transportation. Unbeknownst to them, it had your system in it. And (laughs) what they didn’t know is they left cookie trails, or left bread crumbs, all the way to the fence’s house where they moved all the product out, and then they drove it right to a ditch where they abandoned it.

Tracking Stolen Vehicles with GPS

And all I had to do was log the local sheriffs in to your guys’ website with our login and password, and I showed them the detailed report and the replayed route, and Bingo – bad guys sitting in jail. (Laughter) So, we never expected that would be one of the things that came from this but, by golly, it’s put some criminals behind bars, and hopefully a couple more. (Laughter) Alright, thanks…it’s Monday morning; hope you had a good winter, hope you got a deer this year and talk to you soon.

Exceptional Truck Security, Thanks to Fleetmatics

When it comes to truck security, you can trust Fleetmatics GPS systems to help keep your business assets safe. In instances of stolen trucks like Jeff's, Fleetmatics can make it easy to track stolen vehicles.