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GPS tracking is one part of an effective driver safety program.

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Is there a fleet manager anywhere who doesn’t want to improve driver safety and save money by reducing accidents? That’s why the use of GPS tracking to monitor vehicle operation is becoming increasing adopted as a best practice. And, that’s why Travelers offers businesses IntelliDrive® Fleet Safety Solutions.

Travelers has identified Fleetmatics as a GPS fleet tracking service provider that can provision your fleet as part of a comprehensive driver safety program.

Travelers provides solutions that use technology, not simply a technology solution. Travelers has the expertise to help make the most of GPS tracking technology in your safety program. Their risk management professionals work with you to help understand your risks and determine the information you need to identify how a GPS tracking system can improve the safety, security and sustainability of your business.


Reducing the number and frequency of accidents not only saves lives, it helps companies limit their liabilities, improve safety and reduce costs. GPS tracking systems like Fleetmatics provide real-time visibility into the daily performance of drivers, allowing companies to correct unsafe driving practices. High speed significantly increases the likelihood of accidents and increases the chance of injury and death in an accident. With Fleetmatics, companies are able to constantly monitor vehicle speeds and can be alerted any time a vehicle exceeds a preset speed threshold. 


GPS tracking not only discourages tampering or theft, it helps expedite recovery of stolen vehicles and any equipment or tools on board. Vehicles with GPS tracking are more likely to be recovered sooner, resulting in reduced loss and damage.


The Fleetmatics GPS system provides alerts that allow your business to adhere to a proper maintenance schedule for your vehicles. This ensures that the vehicles are up to date with oil changes, tire rotations, and all other servicing needs. Proper maintenance will extend the life of your vehicles and significantly improve the safety of your drivers.

In addition to improved safety, our customers experience significant benefits that improve their bottom line, as well as provide an increased level of security and safety over their fleet and employees.

These benefits include:

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