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"We've seen a big decrease in idling. I know that our drivers are a lot safer, and that makes me, and our customers, more comfortable."
Brian Pletz
Service Manager

Fleetmatics Helps Morvent’s Exceed its 100% Customer Satisfaction Standards

With customer service as the focus, Morvent’s sought a solution to time card management and vehicle location identification. The reporting capabilities, system speed, and the up-to-date mapping functionality of Fleetmatics GPS fleet tracking solution has helped the company by alerting them of speed, idling, and points of interested visited, resulting in reduced fuel and insurance costs, safer drivers and 100% customer satisfaction.

Morvent’s installs and repairs heating and air conditioning systems in southeastern Pennsylvania, and lives by their slogan, “Always on time . . . or you don’t pay a dime.” In order to ensure timeliness and efficient service, and back up this promise to customers, Morvent’s relies on help from their Fleetmatics GPS fleet tracking solution.

Morvent’s prides themselves on customer service. Their goal is 100% customer satisfaction from start to finish, including on-time arrival to job sites, making sure the site is as clean as it was when they arrived, and ensuring that the job is done right, or the service is absolutely free.

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Choosing Fleetmatics

Morvent’s chose Fleetmatics for several reasons, including the speed of the system and the up-to-date Google Maps. According to Brian Pletz, Service Manager at Morvent’s, “We were using another vehicle tracking system to give us a general idea of where everyone was, but it had too many downsides, such as outdated maps and slow service.”

Fleetmatics includes Google Maps API Premier which provides current traffic information and location information down to the street level. In addition, the Find Nearest functionality immediately pinpoints the vehicles closest to any job site for quick service.

Seeing Great Results from Reports and Alerts

While timecard management and live vehicle locations were the two initial features that interested Morvent’s in a GPS fleet tracking solution, they have been very impressed with the other features as well, such as the alerts, reports, and geofencing capbilities. “We set up geofences so that we are alerted when a truck leaves or enters certain areas during non-working hours,” says Pletz.

The solution also tracks vehicle speed and will alert you if a driver exceeds a preset speed threshold. The alerting features will also notify you if a vehicle idles for longer than allowed, further reducing fuel consumption. “We get e-mailed alerts for speeding and idling. Speeding has completely stopped, which is great for decreasing fuel consumption and our insurance rates," says Pletz. "We’ve also seen a big decrease in idling. I know that our drivers are a lot safer, and that makes me, and our customers, more comfortable.”

The Mobile App is "Worth it"

“The Android app is incredible,” says Pletz. “I can pull up Route Replay right on my phone. It runs super quick, the map shows up, and I can see the truck moving in real time. In fact, I am so impressed with the mobile app that I can go as far to say that if Fleetmatics customers don’t have amartphones, they should go out and buy one for the Fleetmatics app alone. It is so worth it.”

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