Morrison Excavating
Morrison Excavating
"I ran the Idling Report one month and shared it in a crew meeting. It showed idling at around 100 hours - just because it wasn't being watched. The next month - it was cut in half."
Blake Huber

Morrison Excavating Improved Driver Safety and Compliance with GPS Fleet Tracking

Morrison Excavating installed Fleetmatics GPS fleet tracking on their 27 vehicles and utilizing Garmin integration, has made operations more efficient and productive. With improved dispatching capabilities, they are providing more prompt, accurate services, and maintenance, mileage and idling reports are ensuring that vehicles are safe and compliant; they have even saved 190 gallons of gas per month due to reducing idling.

Morrison Excavating performs a wide variety of services to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland for the better part of 30 years from its service base in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. According to company president Blake Huber, this family-owned business is devoted to providing “the best value to our customers with quality workmanship and excellent service at a competitive price.” But while the company strives to stay competitive in economically trying times, they’re equally dedicated to supporting their community, working closely with such charities as Habitat for Humanity and Homes for Hope.

With the breadth of excavating and hydro-excavating services listed on their website, it’s essential that Huber’s team is well-coordinated—but that wasn’t always easy. “We’ve had some inefficiency in getting to job sites,” he says. “We’d get there and it would be cancelled, so we’d have to backtrack from the site and the guys would get lost on their way to the next job site.”

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The need to eliminate such inefficiency led Huber to implement the Fleetmatics fleet tracking solution on Morrison Excavating’s 27 vehicles. Of the many benefits offered by the solution’s customizable, intuitive features, the biggest difference has come from Fleetmatics’ easy integration with Morrison’s Garmin navigation units. “Before Fleetmatics, I would have to print out a Google map and highlight it for the drivers so they’d know where they were going,” says Huber. “If the job was cancelled or the customer wasn’t ready, it was hard to re-route them to another job. It just wasn’t possible to manage it efficiently.”

With Fleetmatics Garmin integration, every driver in a fleet can automatically have all of the day’s jobs clearly flagged on the vehicle’s Garmin unit. At Morrison Excavating, Huber simply pre-loads each day’s work into the Garmin system and his drivers are prepared with the information they need. They can see the most efficient route to job sites, decrease the distances traveled between jobs and thereby increase response times. And by not manually entering addresses to job sites while driving, the drivers not only save time but are less distracted, making them generally safer on the road.

Integrating with Garmin has certainly helped the company ensure prompt, accurate services to customers. “We work in a lot of new residential areas—most of which are not even on Google Maps yet,” says Huber. “We can add a ‘pin’ in the system and load it into Garmin so that the drivers are routed right to the location, and faster.”

By being more efficient at the start of the day, Morrison Excavating can continue to boost its bottom line through to closing time. “There are many times when small jobs come in and we can fit them in at the end of the day,” says Huber. “Now with a quick glance at the map I know which employee is closest to the add-on job, plus I can see when a truck fires up because they are done at their current job. All I have to do is upload the address to their Garmin and they can easily find their way to the extra job.”

Along with dispatching, Huber starts his morning by going over the customized reports generated by Fleetmatics. These can be preset according to a company’s individual needs and run as often as needed. For Morrison Excavating, these include Route Replay, which virtually plays back any journey taken by their vehicles to clarify any time discrepancies, and Mileage Reporting, which helps the company remain compliant with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).

In addition, the Fleet Maintenance Reports help Huber ensure that his vehicles are regularly checked for routine tune-ups, while the Idling Report has enabled his drivers to minimize idle times and reduce fuel waste and decrease engine wear and tear. “That helped a lot,” he says. “I ran the report one month and shared it in a company meeting. It showed idling at around 380 hours – just because it wasn’t being watched. These are big trucks and one hour of idling equals a gallon of gas. The next month it was cut in half, so we saved 190 gallons of gas that month and a great deal in fuel costs thanks to the report.”

Additional fuel savings have been achieved through Fleetmatics Fuel Card Reporting. With Fleetmatics’ powerful reporting tools and timely fuel tracking data, Morrison Excavating can verify fuel card reporting data, pinpoint possible abuse and monitor potentially wasteful behaviors.

Such improvements have shown Huber that Fleetmatics was the right investment for the company. “I load everything into the Garmin and they’re all ready to go. I can send on-the-fly calls right to the Garmin as soon as they come in and get them ready,” says Huber. “We’ve definitely increased productivity and customer service with it."

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Morrison Excavating
Morrison Excavating

26 Vehicles

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