Lane Plumbing
Lane Plumbing
"We've reduced overtime hours because my drivers are more productive throughout the day. We've saved at least 20 hours per week on payroll which will save us $20,000 this year."
Abe Moore
Service Manager

Lane Plumbing and Heating Saves 20 Hours A Week on Payroll Using GPS Fleet Tracking

Lane Plumbing and Heating wanted a solution which would increase their bottom line, while improving their service quality. After installing Fleetmatics GPS fleet tracking on their 14 vehicles, they have been able to verify the amount of time an employee spends on a job and generate more accurate billing for customers; the company has saved $20,000+ on payroll and gains additional savings from reduced fuel consumption by reinforcing positive driving habits.

Lane Plumbing Co., Inc. provides expert plumbing, heating and cooling services to commercial and residential clients throughout the Alamogordo, New Mexico area. The company has quickly become one of the leading plumbing/HVAC companies in the area because of their reliable services at affordable prices.

But Abe Moore, Service Manager at Lane Plumbing, felt that there was an opportunity to further increase the company’s bottom line while also improving quality service. Mr. Moore decided to install the Fleetmatics GPS vehicle tracking solution on the company’s 14 fleet vehicles. With Fleetmatics installed, the company experienced nearly immediate positive results.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Customer Service

“In this industry, I deal with many challenges, one of which is accurately tracking time on the job site,” said Mr. Moore. “Once we committed to Fleetmatics and got our vehicles set up, we quickly realized that we could do away with any doubts on job site accuracy.”

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Fleetmatics GPS fleet tracking solution provides businesses with the ability to know the location of every vehicle day or night. In addition, the system tracks how long a vehicle stays in any one location. For Lane Plumbing, this means that Mr. Moore now knows exactly how long employees spend at every job site. “I’m a hard working businessman that wants to sleep at night knowing my employees earned their money and my customers received an accurate bill,” said Mr. Moore.

Mr. Moore uses the information to generate accurate billing to his clients. And since the company pays employees based on the hours they bill to the customer, the company has been able to more accurately track payroll. “I know without a doubt that our customers are getting a fair deal,” said Mr. Moore. “If a customer says a plumber was only on the site for 20 minutes and got billed for two hours, I can print the report and give it to the customer as proof of service.”

More Benefits than Expected

Although Lane Plumbing specifically wanted to control payroll and billing, the company chose Fleetmatics over other solutions because the system provided other tangible benefits as well. “I was shocked by all the additional features Fleetmatics provides,” said Mr. Moore. “For example, we have reduced our fuel bill through more efficient routing, lower speeds and reduced idling.”

Fleetmatics' Live Map allows you to see the actual location of every vehicle on the map in real-time. Dispatchers have the ability to ensure drivers take the most direct routes to job sites and do not use vehicle for personal side trips during work hours. “We’ve had vehicles and equipment stolen in the past,” said Mr. Moore. “I knew Fleetmatics' Live Map would help resolve those situations.”

Fleetmatics includes Google Maps API Premier which provides current traffic information and location information down to the street level. In addition, the Find Nearest feature immediately pinpoints the vehicles closest to any job site for quick service.

The system also tracks vehicle speed and will alert you if a driver exceeds a preset speed threshold. The alerting features will also notify you if a vehicle idles for longer than allowed, further reducing fuel consumption.

“We have also reduced overtime hours because my drivers are more productive throughout the day,” said Mr. Moore. “We’ve saved at least 20 hours per week on payroll, which will save us over $20,000 this year.”

“Fleetmatics is hands down the best thing for a small, hardworking businesses,” added Mr. Moore. “The longer you think about implementing it, the more money you’re losing.”

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