KRD Trucking
KRD Trucking
"With Fleetmatics, the managers grasped onto it right away. Even the less computer-savvy employees are coming around to it and are proficient in the system's full functionality."
Erik Bosi
Director of Maintenance

KRD Trucking Switches to Fleetmatics Due to Ease of Use and Path to ELD Compliance

KRD Trucking researched over 20 GPS tracking companies before switching from their previous system which was difficult to use. Since switching to Fleetmatics, KRD was impressed with how intuitive the software is and how easy it has been for the company to adopt.


KRD Trucking has been providing transfer waste hauling to waste disposal clients across the country for over 20 years. They have over 500 employees and manage a fleet of 405 trucks, tractors and trailers.  KRD Trucking provides hauling, disposal, and heavy equipment services to customers located in 15 states serving the needs of major waste corporations such as Republic Services and Waste Management.


Erik Bosi, Director of Maintenance at KRD Trucking, knew he needed a new GPS tracking system. Their previous system was old, didn’t provide upper management the ability to see all locations simultaneously and wasn’t being used on its entire fleet. In addition, many of KRD’s managers weren’t using the prior system due to its complexity. Erik didn’t take the task lightly, researching 20 different providers before he made a decision.

Bosi selected Fleetmatics because it appeared to be the optimum solution for KRD Trucking’s 405-vehicle fleet. The Fleetmatics software fit their budget enabling KRD to track vehicles and work toward ELD compliance.


Because a large percentage of the KRD management team had been promoted through the ranks, they had great hands on experience, but adapting to technology had been rare. “With Fleetmatics,” Bosi, said, “the managers grasped onto it right away. Even the less computer-savvy employees are coming around to it and are proficient in the system’s full functionality.”

“Fleetmatics really makes it easy to see a snapshot view of the activities and lull of the trucks,” comments Bosi. “There are also stats and reports set up so even if our managers aren’t checking their fleet, they still get a report every morning in their email.” At corporate headquarters, the upper management has even had large screen TVs installed where they can monitor the entire map view of the company at once.


20% savings on idling - Bosi projects the use of Fleetmatics is saving the company up to 20% in truck idling time. “Our plan has been to track our Lynwood location closely first in order to show the savings, and then roll out those best practices to the rest of the company.”

Clear path to ELD compliance - “With the implementation of Fleetmatics and improved driver productivity tools, KRD Trucking is working toward a path to ELD compliance for the first time.”

Reduce speeding and harsh driving - KRD Trucking has also been able to crack down on excessive speeding events and harsh driving with information it has gotten from the Fleetmatics system.  This has resulted in reduced expenses and liability.
Optimized equipment use - KRD has also been able to optimize equipment use by viewing the average miles per truck at each location and better determine equipment allocations. “If a truck averages 200 miles per week, it can be repurposed to another location,” says Bosi. 

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