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Working in the Fast Lane

by Stacey Papp

Your fleet is in place; all positions are filled. You’ve got your customers, and the goals are clear. Everything is set to take this business to highway speed, but it’s stuck on a side street. A few simple fixes will give it the boost it needs. 

Get moving
First things first: Let’s get those drivers moving. Getting to work on time is great, but precious time can slip away in the form of chatting around the water cooler while appointments wait.  Look out for drivers who sleepwalk through preparing their vehicle for the day’s jobs. Soon, the day hasn’t begun and you’re already behind schedule. Keep drivers prompt and focused on the job and watch your efficiency grow. 

Get motivated
Happier drivers tend to be better drivers. Give them a reason to feel invested in the company’s bottom line, and they will work as hard as they can to ensure success. Offering incentives for a job well done or for going above and beyond gives them something to shoot for and promotes engagement. A little fun on the side helps, too. Take the crew out to lunch or dinner together as a team-building exercise, and you’ll nourish their enthusiasm as well as productivity.

Get up-to-date
Technology is a big investment, but it also becomes outdated quickly and must be kept current to ensure the right amount of productivity. Even the hardest, smartest-working driver can benefit from the valuable tools made possible by improving technology. GPS and cloud-based business solutions that tap the power of wireless connectivity will give drivers a big productivity boost. 

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Get organized
Nothing stalls a company quicker than a lost receipt, a misplaced invoice or a driver who goes to a service call with the wrong job information. Eliminate those headaches with collaboration tools like a cloud-based fleet management solution that is updated in real time.

Get connected
Good communication is vital to keeping the fleet humming along. People working in silos spend more time catching up than moving forward. A robust fleet management solution will give your team the ability to communicate in real time by sharing status data, vital documents and schedules. Unleash the power of those tools, and you’ll ensure high productivity.

Get ahead of the game
How do you ensure your team members are staying up to the task? Nobody likes a micro-manager, but a good leader is always aware of the fleet’s status. The real-time reports and data made possible by the collaborative tools of the cloud allow managers to monitor productivity and plan for improvements. The kind of powerful tool that ensures productivity will always be a line pointing up on your company’s chart.

Get in shape
Don’t forget that your fleet gets stuck in neutral if your drivers don’t have vehicles to drive. A vehicle that’s stuck being serviced is a huge drain on productivity. Make sure the fleet is always ready by reminding drivers of the importance of routine maintenance. A fleet-management solution contributes to keeping that fleet in service by providing vital use data that can help address problems before they occur. By creating a maintenance schedule and sending updates and reminders to managers and drivers, you will keep your fleet on-track.

Don’t put your important business objectives in jeopardy by letting fleet productivity and efficiency slip into the danger zone. Follow these simple steps and put fleet-management tools like those offered by Fleetmatics to work for you, and you’ll help ensure that:

  • Your fleet will always be on-schedule.
  • You’ll have a front-row seat to the operations of your fleet.
  • You’ll be ready to make improvements before they’re needed.
  • Your drivers will be motivated by contributing to and sharing in the company’s success.
  • Your dependable performance will create customer satisfaction and goodwill.

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