How-To Series

Knowing how to use a product or service to amplify your business is critical knowledge to have in your back pocket at all times. Take a page from our book and learn how Fleetmatics’ GPS vehicle tracking solution can help your business in several ways: from creating a safety program to efficiently tracking payroll and monitoring fuel consumption to controlling vehicle maintenance schedules and costs, we’ve got you covered.

How-To Series Safety

How to Create a Safety Program

Understand what safety-related metrics to monitor, decide on the right approach to coach your employees and develop an incentive-based programs all with the help of GPS vehicle tracking.


How To Series - ELD Compliance

How to Keep Compliance Top of Mind

Get your questions answered about the recent ELD mandate and help your employees get on board with an effective, actionable and successful rollout plan.


How-To Series Payroll

How to Effectively Monitor Payroll Hours

Take the manual aspect out of reconciling payroll hours, managing timecards and calculating overtime pay with the help of a GPS vehicle tracking solution.


How-To Series - Customer Service

How to Improve Customer Service

Find out how using a GPS vehicle tracking solution to monitor onsite arrival time, job duration and driver location can help your technicians provide the excellent service your customers deserve.


How-To Series Fuel

How to Monitor & Reduce Fuel Spend

Learn how monitoring metrics such as idle time and inefficient routing can help detect & prevent fuel waste along with tips on how to keep your staff fuel-focused when it comes to conservation.