REVEAL™ Fleet Management Software: 
How We Deliver the Goods

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the Picture

Even when your drivers change vehicles, you’ll be able to track them and turn their driving data into useful and actionable information. Looks like the big picture just got bigger.

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Easy And effective dashboArd

With a simple-to-read dashboard, you’re clicks away from identifying opportunities to improve, comparing driver performance, seeing changing trends and creating benchmarks on key fleet metrics.

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Give customers
something to smile about

With Fleetmatics REVEAL, you’ll be able to respond to customer needs with more accuracy and at a faster rate. That means your fleet may be able to beat competition to prospects. Oh, how sweet victory can be.



Fleetmatics has been recognized as the largest provider of fleet management solutions in the Americas. That's an honor we plan to keep as we continue to work hard every day for you and your business.

Fleet Van

Track your most important assets

REVEAL Mobile App

Your business never stops and that should never be a problem. With the Fleetmatics REVEAL mobile app, you can access key information about your team anytime, from anywhere. Android®, iPhone™ or iPad™–it works on all three.

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Focus on your drivers

REVEAL Driver ID Software

The greatest opportunity to increase revenue comes from being able to focus on what your drivers are doing no matter which vehicle they use on a given day. Fleetmatics REVEAL key fob driver ID solution can do just that. Identify which driver is in which vehicle at any moment to get a complete picture of activity in order to identify and correct behaviors that waste fuel.

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