Employee Tracking Software:
Eliminate Time Sheet Fraud

Fleet Labor Dashboard

Running your business takes enough of your focus. You don’t want to spend precious time and energy validating time sheet entries and unraveling payroll issues.

With Fleetmatics fleet tracking, you can eliminate time sheet fraud and high overtime costs – and spend less time doing paperwork. Get a demo to learn more!

"We are on course to save over $180,000 in overtime costs in our first year with the Fleetmatics GPS Vehicle Tracking System." - Andrew Musto, Executive Vice President, US Pavement Services, Inc.


Our Hours Worked Report provides you with all the information you need to reduce fleet labor costs. You’ll see:

  • Actual hours a vehicle is in operation
  • Daily actual start and finish times
  • Hours worked Days worked
  • Average daily hours and weekly totals

And because you can use this report as an electronic time sheet, you’ll be confident that the numbers are accurate. More importantly, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce overtime fraud
  • Eliminate time sheet fraud with true start/finish times
  • Monitor private vehicle use
  • Quickly detect excessive overtime hours
  • Eliminate prolonged stop times
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