Fleet Expenses:
Reduce Fleet Expenses

To get the most out of your business – and keep operating expenses in check – you need to make sure your drivers and entire fleet are operating as efficiently as possible.

Fleet Operating Expense Dashboard

With our GPS tracking system, you can boost productivity across the board while drastically reducing costs from fleet operations:

  • Reduce vehicle breakdowns by staying on top of vehicle repair and maintenance
  • Trim unnecessary fuel costs
  • Cut excessive overtime pay
  • Decrease wear and tear on trucks by increasing route efficiency
  • Avoid adding staff as business grows by making your team more efficient
  • Potentially lower insurance costs

Here are 3 examples of how you can reduce operating expenses and accomplish your goals using the Fleetmatics GPS fleet tracking solution:

1. Reduce Breakdowns

Vehicle breakdowns can lead to lost time on the road and large repair bills. By staying on top of vehicle maintenance, you can avoid these losses and costs. With our system you can set alerts to notify you every time a vehicle is driven a certain distance or a certain amount of hours, or when a predetermined date arrives. You will also receive automatic alerts letting you know when the vehicle is due for service, protecting you from unexpected operating expenses.

"We have saved a total of $350,000 in the first year alone using Fleetmatics Fleet Tracking on our 190 vehicles."
- Robbi Lockhart, Facilities & Fleet Manager, Everett J Prescott, Inc.

2. Reduce Fuel Costs

Lowering fuel costs is a simple way to trim operating expenses. But it’s tough tracking these expenses across your entire fleet's operations. Fleetmatics provides an integrated fuel card along with reports that make it easy for you to track driver behaviors that drive fuel bills up. You can even single out fuel charges by vehicle and eliminate unauthorized fuel-ups. 

3. Potentially Lower Insurance Premiums

You know the risks of aggressive driving: accidents and liabilities that cost you in fines and reputation. Rather than taking a reactive approach to driver behavior, you can use our fleet operations solution to proactively manage and encourage driver safety. We can install in-vehicle telematics devices that communicate with our system, giving you insight into driver behavior, such as compliance with your maximum-speed policy. That means you reduce your risk and potentially your insurance premiums!

These are just three of the many ways you can cut fleet operating expenses with Fleetmatics.