the eld rule is here


On December 10, 2015 the FMCSA announced the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Final Rule which affects drivers and fleet operators across the country – are you one of them?

Fleetmatics can help you understand the regulations, put the right solutions in place to stay compliant and get new benefits from the tools you need.


  • ELD is a big deal because it impacts how you run your daily business. If you currently are tracking Hours of Service (HOS) on paper logs, this affects you. Fleetmatics can help ensure you get real benefits for your operations and your drivers as you transition to new technology.
  • Our LogBook solution is compliant with 49 CFR 395.15 and is designed to remain a compliant solution for new and existing customers as the industry transitions to the ELD Final Rule.
  • Our mobile app approach makes it easy to stay current with changing regulations like ELD on a platform your drivers already understand.

stay compliant now and in the future 

Fleetmatics REVEAL LogBook manages Hours of Service (HOS) for drivers by combining required vehicle data with driver status from the Fleetmatics’ Android-based mobile application. Drivers simply log into the mobile app and start driving while their hours are managed automatically through the app.

Watch Our ELD Webinar

Hear our experts guide you through the ELD mandate and how the Fleetmatics LogBook solution is meeting e-log compliance standards now and in the future.  Click here to view our recorded webinar.

ELD Quote“When one of my drivers was stopped for a DOT inspection (which of course he passed) the inspecting officer asked to see his HOS log book. He produced his Fleetmatics LogBook and gave the officer a tour. When he finished, the officer told him that Fleetmatics was the best electronic log he had seen to this point… And they both went on their own way!

John Marino, Route Manager - Klines Services

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Stay a step ahead of regulations

This is how we do it:
  • Get real-time HOS status information in the driver’s hands and in the office
  • Use mobile technology to add new features and transition to new regulations with simple software updates.
  • Send proactive alerts to the driver to prevent violations before they run out of hours
  • Keep your managers and dispatchers in touch with remaining hours to get the loads delivered safely and on time. 

Electronic Drivers Logbook on Garmin
logbook benefitsLOGBOOK BENEFITS

With Fleetmatics LogBook you’ll not only be compliant, you’ll reap the benefits of going paperless and preventing violations. Visit our ELD Benefits page to see how.